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We are a premium provider of the crew, budgeting, logistics, and equipment to clients from all the across the globe, we at India Film Services organize production plans that are truly a class apart. Irrespective of the geographical differences between clients and the project magnitude; all our production services come with unbending standards. Our production crew is an alliance of highly talented and experienced professionals who have successfully delivered a number of projects along with their career in this field. Our credibility lies in the production of televised interviews, corporate videos, corporate shoots, documentary productions, commercial photography, commercial shoots and also fashion shoots all over the Indian continent.

India Film Services has contributed its effective presence as a provider of production services across various national as well as international projects. Under this effort, we actively managed production support features like:

Budgeting and logistics

In the line of production: once the entire requirement is specified from the part of the client we at India Film Services review every bit of information and hence work out a budget with consideration to even the minutest of details. Ahead of this we chart out a plan that lies within your dead line so that your experience of availing production services in India is just as dynamic as you had wanted it to be.


Our extensive contact network lets us find people who fall within the requirement of the script. We at India Film Services allow you to pick the right cast.


The research of programs, topics and services is most important. With our dynamic strategies in the video production services our clients can effectively highlight the points and factors that stand required.

Legal Services

We also provide Legal Services , if required.

Visas & Permissions

For Commercial films and documentary shoots, you should submit your application to the Indian High Commission or the Indian Embassy. The Ministry of External Affairs will vet your application and grant you permission to shoot in India. On the basis of this permission you will be granted visas by the IHC / Embassy. For Commercials and documentaries, you should apply for ‘J’ Visas or Journalist Visa which is a short-term working visa. It takes approx One week to get permission.
However, for features, your application is submitted to Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, together with 4 copies of script, 4 copies of synopsis, list of equipment, passport details, and list of locations, together with your application mentioning dates of shoot and a cheque for $200 towards processing your application. It takes 3 to 4 weeks to get permission. One should apply for Business visas and in some cases multiple entry Business Visas.


India accepts Carnets from around the world.

Other Services