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Film Shooting

India Film Services offers attractive backdrops for various filming projects whether it is in the form of videos, documentary production, commercial photography, still photography or even corporate shoots. We at India Film Services flash some of the best possible locations which are not just centered around the rich cultural heritage of India but also flash some of the most eye dazzling geographical vividness.

India has everything that your camera could possibly desire to shoot , starting from the oldest North East tribe to the historic details surrounding the nation. The modern essence of India can be dynamically captured to reflect on the majestic royal heritage of Rajasthan with the various forts and palaces or even the lush green land of Kerala marked with the backwaters. The Himalayan peaks are purely snow clad and most of the national forests withhold captivating essence of wildlife all over. Whatever may be your location requirements we can have it all organized for you.

India Film Services offers an exclusive range of location services which include:

  • Location scouting
  • Location and Resource Guides
  • Permit Information/Assistance
  • Production Assistance
  • Catering
  • Hiring Local Transport
  • Lodging & Business Referral
  • Services In Interpretation
  • Location Permits

To get a better insight into what works the best for you feel free to visit our gallery or you can even contact us for further assistance.

Our hunt for diverse locations is insatiable therefore let us know if you are in search of something that is truly out of this world because we might just know a location that fits your imagination. Just contact us so that even if we lack something like your kind of location on our list we will happily arrange for it by means of location scout

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